Posted by : mizuki mizurin Jumat, 10 Februari 2017

Hiii guyss, long time i no post in my blog right. I know just a little people read my "abstract" post, i know it's so useless.

i have things and i can't find the answer, it's so complicated i don't want to hars your brains or make you think twice about your religion. i just little girl who want to know things

1.who i am ? what i am ? am i alien ? for another "people" in another planet. WHO I AM ?
2.where came from this world, this earth, this univers, came from where ? how "he/them" build it ? how ? this world not small as ant, this world big, so big. I don't know how to build it, there many theory and where that theory came from ? i know from people brain but how they find it ? how they know ?how they show if they theory is right ? how them make us belive they ? about all of this God creat it right ? everyone know if God creat all of this but who creat God ? how God came in our world ? confuse right ? me too.

 i ask all of this but i still believe God is real. I know i ask like i don't trust God, but i still trust God. i still 15 y.o just little girl with many things in head. I have something too tell you guys, my bestfriend say "ga semua yg agama ajarkan itu bisa kamu logikakan" if you from another county and want to know the meaning in english but sorry i can't my english still not too good.

sorry for the bad english

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